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Who We Help—Special Needs Dentist in Grand Prairie, TX

Ready to Serve Every Smile

a group of people with various special needs

Our mission at Disability Dental Services is to give patients with a wide variety of special needs easy access to high-quality, personalized dental care in a comfortable environment. Dr. Ford and our team have several years of experience serving patients with many unique challenges, so no matter your loved one’s situation, you can trust they’ll be in great hands here. Be sure to give us a call and tell us about them so we can guarantee they have a great appointment!  To learn more about some of the disabilities we’re able to accommodate, read on below.  

Why Choose Disability Dental Services?

Intellectual Disability

young boy with an intellectual disability

For patients with intellectual disabilities, we know that having patience is the best way to guarantee a smooth appointment. We’re more than happy to explain each part of a procedure and show what the different instruments do so the patient can understand what’s going on and relax. If needed, sedation can help calm any lingering nerves as well. In our experience, after a few good visits, patients start to unconsciously associate our office with safety and comfort, making follow-up visits nice and easy.


little girl laughing

Life is unpredictable and a little scary for people with epilepsy, and our team is ready to handle whatever happens. We can sedate an epileptic patient so it’s guaranteed they remain still during their appointment, and should they suffer a seizure while in our office, our team knows how to manage it to keep them and everyone else safe.

Muscular Dystrophy

young girl with muscular dystrophy at the beach

Thanks to our wide hallways and wheelchair accessibility, patients with muscular dystrophy don’t have any issues moving through our office. With our Versatilt Wheelchair Lift, moving a patient and performing procedures without removing them from their chair is simple and comfortable.  

Multiple Sclerosis

close-up of hands holding MS ribbon

We understand that sitting or laying down for an extended period of time can be quite unpleasant for a patient with multiple sclerosis, which is why in addition to offering sedation, our team will also work very efficiently while still delivering excellent care.


young boy with autism with his father

Every autism patient is unique, which is why before they see us, our team will take the time to have a conversation with their caretaker so we can make sure the environment and our approach are perfectly suited to them by the time they arrive. We can adjust the lighting, soundscape, and even the scent of our space as needed so that both the patient and caretaker can breathe easy as we look after their smile.

Down Syndrome

teenage boy with Down syndrome

People with Down syndrome tend to suffer from a higher rate of oral health issues like cavities and missing teeth compared to the average population, which is why we highly prioritize hygiene and at-home care with this type of patient. For those who are nervous or scared of the dentist, our team’s warm demeanor is tremendously helpful, and our sedation services can also soothe them so that they feel completely safe.

Cerebral Palsy

young boy with Cerebral Palsy

There are many layers to cerebral palsy, and no patient’s condition is exactly the same. That’s why we’ll discuss a patient’s particular challenges before their appointment so we can accommodate them in every way. Our office is designed for easy assisted mobility and is extremely wheelchair accessible, plus sedation can be used to help the patient both physically and mentally relax.


daughter with elderly mother

It is especially important for patients with dementia/Alzheimer’s to receive regular oral care in order to preserve their overall health and quality of life. Our team understands that a lot of patience is necessary, and that a patient might not always understand what is going on. We’ll try to explain everything best we can, and if the patient is anxious, we can use sedation to calm their mind so they quickly relax.

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