Sedation Dentistry

We offer sedation services, if needed. Depending on your case, our team may be able to provide all necessary treatment at your initial visit.

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General Dentistry

The staff at Disabiltiy Dental Services has more than 50 years of combined experience in dentistry for special needs patients.

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Restorative dentistry involves repairing teeth that have been damaged by tooth decay, cracks, chips, or disease by providing dental fillings, as well as crowns.

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Hours and Locations

Disability Dental

Dr. Frank E. Ford

107 North Cedar Ridge Dr., #100
Duncanville, TX 75116
Phone: (972) 296-0101
Fax: (972) 296-5801

Office Hours

Monday through Friday, 7:30 am to 3:00 pm

Emergency Care Policy

For patients of record, please call our main office to get the on-call doctor's phone number. If for any reason you cannot reach us, please contact your local emergency room.

107 North Cedar Ridge Drive, Suite 100, Duncanville, TX 75116 USA
Dr. Frank Ford Duncanville TX dentist (972) 296-0101 (972) 296-5801